Insurgent update; shoes and weight.

My last post regarding Surge getting new shoes was on July 12th, and I thought I should give an update on his hooves and his shoes.  We had decided to use glue-on shoes with him since his feet were still in pretty poor condition since coming off the track and transitioning to a new life.  He came to us with only one front shoe and one rear shoe, so his feet were in dire need of some care. 

We ended up putting him in GLUSHUs by Glue-U because we thought that it would be kinder to his feet to use a glue-on shoe and let his hooves grow out without putting more holes in them since he has shelly, brittle hooves.  The process went fairly well, and we were able to get him out of the hoof boots and comfortable.

Unfortunately, on July 19th, 2020, his right shoe came off while on turn out, so we went through the process of re-glueing the shoe back on.  We were able to pull off the old glue and start over with the same shoe.  On August 6th, it came off again, and we had to put a new GLUSHU on him.  Then on August 17th, the left shoe came off.  We went through four GLUSHUs in about five weeks, which has been costly.  I don’t know where the problem lies, whether it’s the glue that’s not holding, if it’s the mixing tip that is not mixing the compounds correctly, or if it’s the angle of the horse’s hoof that does not sit at the exact same angle as the top flap of the GLUSHU.  I think we gave it a fair shot, but it simply is not working long-term for Surge.  On August 18th we put him in aluminum shoes, and I’m crossing my fingers that they stay on and his feet continue to get healthy and grow. 

On another note, I have tweaked his diet several times since we got him in February.  I finally found what is working for him, and he’s starting to pick up some weight.  I was beginning to think he’d always be skinny, but he’s filling out some, and I’m starting to feel better about getting him ready for next year.  Bring on 2021!  I cannot wait to start his re-training for the 2021 RRP TB Makeover. 

Not only did the shoes come off quickly, they wore out quickly as well. They started off completely covered in rubber, but soon the rubber wore off.

2 Thoughts

  1. That sounds really frustrating, going through that many shoes so quickly!
    Cupid used to be prone to losing them (not that many in that short a time, but he’d lose a few a year and he only has fronts). Thankfully it’s gotten a lot better over the years!


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