Surge gets new shoes!

We’ve now had Surge (Jockey Club name Insurgent) for five months. My how time flies. As stated in my previous post, we decided to give him the time off that he needs to regrow his hooves and to fill out and, well, to just be a horse. We will pick up on our training in November.

We’ve been using the Old Mac G2 boots, and they have helped a lot. However, every once in a while they will twist on him, and that makes me nervous. I guess his foot is a bit narrow even with the shim placed inside the boot. We decided to go ahead and put shoes on him so he can get to and from the paddock without us having to worry about him getting sore feet.

Since his feet are only about half way grown out, we decided to go with glue-on shoes. We used Glue-U’s GLUSHUs. The shoes are really pretty cool. They use an aluminum horse show, then encase it in rubber and add rubber sides and toe. You can shape the shoe just like any other shoe without damaging the rubber before gluing it onto the hoof. We thought this would be the safest way to give him the traction he needs without the damaging nail holes that his hooves aren’t strong enough to hold.

It was a little bit of a learning curve, but the shoes were not difficult to put on. I think we did a decent job with them, and I know Surge is happier having shoes on.

The shoes are on. Just need a little sanding.
Glue-on Shoes by Glue-U.

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