Lessons with Dante

Well, this pandemic has made horse life interesting. I am lucky enough to have been getting lessons with Dante since my trainer has had more free time due to the pandemic curtailing his show schedule. I feel guilty being happy that I have more dedicated lesson time, but I’m definitely taking advantage of it.

Dante and I have been working out some issue with our jumping. You notice I put partial blame on the horse, when in reality, it’s just me working on some issues. I’ve been having trouble getting to a good distance and having some pretty big misses.

Yee Ha!

I’m not sure how one can so spectacularly miss a distance on a jump so small, but I seem to be an expert at it! So anyway, the weeks pass by and I’m still working on things. Another issue I have is that Dante tends to speed up and act a bit frisky on the other side of the fence. Finally, during a recent lesson, my trainer had me stop. He said he finally figured out what I am doing wrong. Seems I am clamping my legs around my poor horse before the fence, which causes him to rush and take that long spot, which then throws me off balance, and then while still clamping on for dear life, Dante shoots off after the fence, sometimes throwing in some mini bucks and head tossing. No wonder, makes perfect sense!

So now I have spent the last two lessons really trying to retrain myself, and I’m trying to really just wait for the fence and keep my legs on, but not grip too tightly. It has been working. Not all fences are perfect, but I’m starting to get to them quietly, and land quietly. I’m so happy to finally have something to work on where I see results. And I’m sure Dante is happier, too!

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