Decision made.

Well, the decision has been made. It was with a bit of a heavy heart that I officially withdrew from the 2020 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover. I do feel, however, that this is the best choice for Surge. I feel like he will benefit from the extra time to just be a horse and enjoy being turned out with his buddy, Dante. We won’t have to worry about training while his hooves grow out and he gains weight. I am going to reapply for the 2021 Makeover and I feel confident Surge (and I) will be ready for his training come wintertime! As a side note, he is moving around in his boots wonderfully.

Lookout 2021!

2 Thoughts

  1. i love the RRP concept – esp since it creates a robust pipeline for all these OTTBs in need of homes and second careers. but…. as much fun as it sounds, i wasn’t really tempted even when i adopted an eligible OTTB. maybe if i were more experienced at training it would be different, but i was worried about facing hard decisions and possibly making choices influenced by that RRP goal rather than what my horse really needed. obvi posts like this go a long way to showing that people really do make choices for their horses first and foremost, tho. Surge is lucky to have you – he’s such a cool horse and is gonna be pretty special once his feet are sorted!


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