Tough decisions.

Well, we are still dealing with Surge’s abscesses. Today, though, the latest abscess has finally erupted. He’s feeling quite a bit better, and he’s moving around much freer, even willing to lift his feet so we could put his boots on and turn him out in the round pen for the day. For several days we could not even lift his feet to put the boots on. He had a few days of stall rest until he was able to put weight on his hooves allowing us to put his boots on. I’m sure he’s much happier today being turned out to get some grass and sunshine.

I’ve been doing a little soul searching recently about Surge and the TB Makeover. I am considering taking him out of the 2020 Makeover and just allowing him the time to grow out his hooves, gain some weight, and enjoy being turned out to simply be a horse for a while. I think it’s the best choice for Surge to let him reach his future potential. My hopes are that I will be accepted as a trainer for the 2021 RRP TB Makeover, and I can then start Surge’s training in December. He has only had three rides here since he’s been off the track. He also had one ride at the adoption facility. I will give up some training time this summer in order to let him heal and start back fresh in the winter hopefully with four new hooves and some new shoes.

This is a really tough decision since the Makeover is a bucket-list thing for me, and Surge is likely my last chance to do this. I think, though, that it’s the best decision for this horse. Hopefully I can try this again next year!

So, since I will not have much to post as far is Surge’s training for a while, I will continue blogging about my other horses: Dante, Jazz, and Chico, and then post about Surge when we start back up.

Surge finally getting around without pain this morning.

2 Thoughts

  1. That really is a tough decision, but you have to go with your gut. And at least you can still enjoy getting to know him, and pursue your goals with Dante. If circumstances don’t align for RRP, there is always the New Vocations show.


    1. Yes, that’s true. I am hoping to do the New Vocations show with Dante anyway. 🙂 Now I just have to figure out what I want to do with him, jumpers or dressage. I do have campground reservations for the show (they are splitting it this year, dressage on a different weekend).


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