Social Distancing and Training Woes

Long time, no write.  It’s been a weird spring, for sure.  The stay-at-home restrictions really put a damper on most things equine.  I feel lucky that my horses are at home, yet I feel a bit guilty actually riding them since so many others cannot ride right now.  Plus there is the whole idea of not wanting to fall off and have a serious accident and take up any badly-needed hospital beds.  That all being said, I have been riding as safely as possible.  I’m mostly working with Tay (Dante) since he’s well trained and knows his job better than I know mine on most days.  He is a good teacher.

One guilt-inducing benefit I do have right now is that my trainer, who is normally on the show circuit most of the year has been home instead.  I’ve been able to take advantage of his schedule and take some much-needed lessons.  Now if only I can learn how to not jump ahead, I’ll be doing great!  When my trainer asks, “Why are you doing that?” I answer him, “I don’t know!”  I get annoyed with myself regarding that bad riding habit. 

Surge has been a challenge in that his feet really are in bad shape.  As previously blogged, he came with one front shoe and one back shoe on.  We pulled the other two and have been letting his feet grow out some in order to have a better quality hoof to put a shoe on.  Well, it’s not really there yet.  We have decided to try glue-on shoes with him made by Glue-U.  His hoof walls are not yet ready for nails.  Unfortunately, he’s been dealing with abscesses due to his thin soles; first on the left, now on the right.  As I’m writing this, we are waiting for the vet to come out. It has been frustrating to see some really nice progress only to have to take a step back and start all over again. 

I did get my first ride on him last week, and he really was a good boy.  I do have high hopes for him once we get his hoof issue resolved, but I have a feeling this may take a while.  So while some of the RRP TB Makeover trainers cannot even get to their horses, I’m really no further ahead than they are.  We have had four rides on the boy.  During one really good lesson that Jerry had with him when he was in between abscesses, he was even able to jump some, and I was thrilled with his willing attitude about the whole process.  Once he learns where his long legs are supposed to go, he will be a nice jumper I think.

I cannot wait to get into a more consistent routine with Surge so that we can actually start training for the Makeover.  Wish me luck! 

My first ride.
Surge’s first jumps. Not perfect, but willing!

2 Thoughts

  1. aw that video really brings back the memories haha — tho i gotta say, Surge figured it out a LOT faster than my ottb, lol… what a cool horse tho – awesome that you’re still able to keep chipping away!


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