Wet weather and sore feet…

What a combo! Like the rest of you, I’ve been pretty much holed up on the farm due to the pandemic.  I don’t mind being home, but it has been a bit of a challenge with groceries, etc., but I’m not here to talk about that since most of us are living it.

We’ve had a very, very rainy and wet winter season and early spring season.  Because of that, we haven’t been able to get a steady flow of riding in.  I’m hoping soon the weather will cooperate and we’ll be able to start training again.  I don’t imagine I’ll be doing anything overly stressful or dangerous  as I don’t want to have to take any unexpected trips to the emergency room to further tax our medical system.

Surge has been dealing with sore feet since the day he stepped off the trailer back in February.  We pulled his shoes to allow his hooves to grow out and to toughen them up some.  It has been an ongoing process and he is still not 100 percent.  We had the vet come out last week to check on him and to be sure we are doing all that we can to let him heal and make him as comfortable as possible.  Seems we are on the right track.  His feet are merely sore and bruised and he has some soft spots.  The vet recommended Contender by Kinetic Vet, so we’re using that now as well as putting him in Old Mac G2 boots while in turnout.  Hopefully soon his feet will have grown out enough so that we can put shoes back on him.  I’ve contemplated doing the barefoot thing with him, but he’s going to need more support right now and with the Makeover in October, I’m already behind in our training.  I’m crossing my fingers that the Thoroughbred  Makeover will still be going on this year.  I will be quite bummed out if they end up having to cancel it. 

I hope to start some ground work with Surge soon.  He’s been too sore to really turn around, pivoting on his feet without being gimpy, so I haven’t even started that yet.  He is handled every day, so he’s getting used to the routine at least.  Stallion-no-more, we have turned him out with Dante, and they are getting along quite well.  I was worried at first since Surge hasn’t been turned out with a buddy probably since “foalhood”.  I’m happy that both he and Dante now have a friend in each other.

Speaking of foalhood, I contacted his breeder, Stonestreet  Farms to let them know that we have Insurgent, one of their babies.  They were super nice and happy to hear from me, and they seem very interested in keeping up with the horses that they have bred.   I love that about them.  They sent me a few pictures of Insurgent; one as a foal with his dam, Dream Rush, one as a yearling, and one as a two year old.  He was quite a nice looking youngster.  So, a big thank you to Stonestreet Farms!

Insurgent with his dam, Dream Rush
Insurgent as a yearling
Insurgent as a two year old

2 Thoughts

    1. Thanks! I hope his brain is similarly mature as we start to work with him more. He had his first lunge session yesterday and he did fairly well, though it was clear he really wasn’t sure what we were asking at first.


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