A Dozen Roses…

A dozen roses, a romantic dinner, and a YES from the RRP TB Makeover; what more can a girl ask for on Valentines Day? It was definitely a good day at Paradox Farm.

I was working at a deposition (I’m a court reporter) yesterday when I noticed an email coming in from the Retired Racehorse Project titled Your TB Makeover Application. Let me tell you, it was hard to concentrate on what the witness was saying when all I wanted to do was open that email and see what it said. As soon as the witness was busy reviewing a document, I nonchalantly grabbed my phone and opened the email and peeked at the first paragraph only, which started with, “Congratulations! Your application to compete in the 2020 Thoroughbred makeover HAS BEEN ACCEPTED!” That’s all I had time to read before the witness started talking, but it’s all I needed to read at that moment. I actually had a smile on my face, which if anyone noticed probably looked a little goofy and out of place. Ah, well, it was worth it as Surge and I are heading to the Makeover!

Surge, Denise, and Zukey

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