Surge Post Op


Surge is recovering well.  He was getting pretty bored in his stall and I’m sure he was driving the folks at MMSC crazy.  The vet who did the surgery went and checked him and he was cleared for turn out.  Surge was surely thinking, forget this boring hand-walking stuff, let’s go out and play! 

To be on the safe side, he was given 1cc of Ace to be sure he didn’t have any crazy accidents.  Well, I received a report that he turned out like a charm and was very well behaved.  It was mentioned that he has a good brain.  I love that!  Buy the brain, right?  The rest will fall into place. 

Behaving in turnout post op
Photo courtesy of Catherine Flowers at Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center

I’ve been in contact with a few shippers to get this boy home.  We decided not to go pick him up ourselves, but rather have a professional shipper do this.  It will save us a good 10 hours drive time, and just the stress and worry of doing it ourselves. 

So we came to an agreement with our shipper, and now we’re just waiting on the final scheduling.  I am flexible here, so I will let him pick the best day.  I am excited and cannot wait to get this boy home. 

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