Surge gets a pedicure

Day two. We turned Surge out in his round-pen turnout area to get him used to our routine. Of course being winter, the ponies are out during the day, weather permitting, and in at night. After a few hours turnout my husband decided it was time to tackle his feet. He had two shoes that needed to be removed and he needed trimming all the way around. We’re going to leave him barefoot for now since we cannot work him yet anyway. We brought him in and put him in the cross-ties in the tack-up stall. He walked in, and just waited patiently for whatever it was we were going to do to him. How refreshing! I’m not sure this is going to be his normal behavior, but if it is, I like it. A lot.

Whoa you crazy horse, whoa.

As you can see, Surge is still pretty skinny. I think once he’s settled in and we get him back into a regular work schedule and a good feed program, he’ll pick up weight. They usually do. We’re adding some Farrier’s Formula to help with his hooves as well.

Maybe farrier work is therapeutic.

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