Surge arrives

2020-02- 08

We decided to hire a shipper to bring Surge home. We had a few referrals from the Secretariat Center and made a few calls. We found a great guy who shipped Surge in a roomy box stall. When he arrived, he calmly stepped out of the trailer and surveyed his new kingdom. He walked over to the round pen where we decided to turn him out until after we know his castration surgery was a success. He was calm and quiet as he settled in.

I couldn’t be happier with how his first day went. The vet who performed his surgery said not to return him to regular work for five weeks. We have about three and a half weeks to go. He came with two shoes on and two shoes off, so tomorrow he gets a pedicure! We will keep him barefoot while he is not being worked to let his feet, well, be feet for a little while.

What are you doing down there?

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