Off to Kentucky to look at a horse


Last week we went back to the adoption center in Lexington to look at another horse.  I had seen pictures and saw two videos of his first, and as it turns out only, ride post-race.  He is a 16.3hh dark bay/brown 6-year-old.  He last raced on December 6th, and he was ridden on December 12th at the Secretariat Center.  I will say that I was very impressed with him.  He was very level headed and pretty quiet considering he had raced less than a week prior.  He even went over some small jumps quietly and seemed to enjoy figuring it out. 

Before heading to Kentucky, I filled out the application to apply for the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover.  It was January 15th, which is the deadline.  I figured, I better at least try in the hopes that we do like the horse and end up bringing him home.  So I will sit on pins and needles as I await the decision by the RRP, which is due on February 15th.  I didn’t realize how extensive the application process is. 

So we headed up to Lexington for a very quick look at this horse.  The horse is a ridgeling.  I didn’t know much about that, so had to do some research.  But anyway, we went out there and it was super cold out.  Neither me nor my husband wanted to ride in the weather.  We took the horse out to the round pen and worked with him in there.  Obviously, he knows next to nothing, but he was willing to learn.  He was a cute mover as well.   We also walked him out of the arena a bit, and through some of the obstacles they have set up, which consisted of a bridge, a teeter-totter, and the hanging pool noodles.  He walked through those and over the obstacles like it was nothing.  It didn’t phase him at all.  That made me really excited about him as a prospect.

We made a quick decision to get him.  We had some details to work out and he’ll be coming home  around February 5th.  I can’t wait!

Photo courtesy of Catherine Flowers at Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center
Photo courtesy of Catherine Flowers at Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center.
What a handsome boy.

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