Just what is a ridgeling?


As mentioned earlier, our new Thoroughbred, Surge, is a ridgeling, also known as cryptorchidism.  Basically, one or both testicles are not descended at puberty.  It seems to be a hereditary condition, and Surge’s sire, A.P Indy had the condition.  We decided to have the surgery done at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute before bringing him home.  After the surgery, the treating vet called me and left a voice mail stating that his case was “very unusual”.  Great, this was supposed to be a real easy surgery, not a difficult treasure hunt.  She then explained that his undescended testical wasn’t found.  She said she saw what she thought was scar tissue.  She didn’t know if someone had done that surgery earlier or it just was not there.  She said he could be a rare monorchid.  She removed the scar tissue to have it tested. 

Later I received the post-op notes from the adoption facility.  When I read them, I was shocked and embarrassed to realize he actually DID have a descended testicle.  Um, I guess I didn’t really look under there to notice!  So that one has been removed.  Now we just have to wait 30 days and do an hCG stimulation test to see if there is any testicular tissue.  I’m going to keep my fingers crossed.  I didn’t realize he was a stallion.  I feel silly.

Surge is recovering nicely and the good people at Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center are taking great care of him until he comes home. 

Stall rest. Doctor’s orders.
Photo courtesy of Catherine Flowers at Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center

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